We are delighted to welcome Elizabeth Anne Hin to our gathering this year to explore the roots of the feminine within ourselves and in the world, with deep prayer, meditation and sacred holding.
The founding President of the White Rose Foundation, Beth was conceived and born deeply awake, and experienced death in infancy from which she was brought back to life. Beth’s life has been aware of attention to the sacred in assistance to the spiritual, moral and humble development of all beings, including her own. Beth has studied the world’s spiritual traditions for over four decades. She was deeply mentored by many beloved Elders. Through The White Rose Foundation she has practiced her own contemplation and path, to date in fifty nations on all continents except Antarctica, offering lectures, classes, retreats, seminars, audio tapes and CD’s, scholarships for youth, honoraria for spiritual elders and spiritual leaders throughout the world, and service journeys of educational, medical and social support. Follow Beth’s work and listen to her podcasts: http://www.thewhiterose.org/


We are delighted to have Naseem Khakoo offering a workshop on initiation into Ancient:Future Remembering through the sacred portal of the body. Within matter (the body temple) we find the codes and keys to remembering and activating the timeless wisdom and nature of what we are. The Gnosis of Divinity Embodied in Form which in turn infuses and guides our path of healing, transformation and awakening, as Whole Human Beings.

Naseem is the founder of Awakening As Woman, and has been walking a path of Truth, honouring all that is scared since her early years. As a devoted student of Life, she is now fully committed to bringing Radical Love to all angles of existence through her own living life as well as her teachings. Originally from a background of meditation, yoga, and Tantra and having studied many traditions and travelled far and wide, she now focuses on birthing Truth through the journey of Human Maturation and communing the personal and transpersonal as a silent embodiment of Compassion on Ground. Her own awakening and maturation process has laid the foundation for her current sharing on Awakening as Woman, Embodied Movement, Sacred Intimacy, Conscious Relating, Womb Awakening, Embodiment and Shadow/Trauma/Grief work. Find out more about Naseem’s work: https://www.theheartofbeing.org/


Marie-Elsa Bragg Marie-Elsa Bragg joins us to share reflections about creativity, ritual and nature in the path of a mystic, and in particular St Bega of Cumbria.
Marie-Elsa has been an Ignatian (Jesuit) Spiritual Director for over 18 years. She works with individuals and groups in daily life and leads workshops and retreats. Her work is with people from different walks of life, traditions, religions and experiences of faith whilst also dedicating part of her work to those in religious orders such as monastic orders, clergy and the Padre’s of the Royal Navy. She also lectures on subjects around theology, religion, tradition, ritual, interfaith and spirituality. Her personal spirituality includes a continual interest in different traditions alongside a life long connection with Senanque, the Cistercian monastery local to her family in Provence and with the local christianity and literary tradition of the Lake District. She is also training to be a Jungian analyst. Read more about Marie-Elsa’s work: http://marie-elsabragg.com/


Zeliha Akdan will facilitate a workshop on Family Constellation therapy which supports the transformation of people in the process of “becoming themselves”.
Zeliha has her roots in Turkey and the Netherlands. As an international trainer and coach, her passion is leading and supporting individuals, teams and organizations to their deepest value using NLP, Transactional Analysis, Family and Organizational Constellations. She finds her nourishment in spirituality and loves singing songs from the Turkish Sufi tradition. This poem by Rumi has been her companion for the past 12 years and expresses the core of her own journey and work: You are a ruby embedded in granite, how long will you pretend it is not true? We can see it in your eyes, come to the root of the root of yourself.



Image by Irina Naji