We are supported by an international team of volunteers for different events. Our activities are spearheaded by our two directors.

Saimma Dyer


Saimma Dyer is learning how the alignment of feminine and masculine energies can bring harmony and transformation.

She has a background in project management, specialising in publishing, education, and faith/interfaith organisations.

Saimma has a chronic health condition which means that sometimes you will see her in a wheelchair and sometimes walking unassisted.

Fatimah Ashrif


Fatimah Ashrif is interested in understanding the wisdom ways of women mystics and creatives across traditions and through the ages.

Her working life has taken her from the commercial to the not-for-profit world where she advises on the design and delivery of education, leadership, interfaith, and youth-related programmes.

Fatimah’s current love is to be in the garden.